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Rest Easy Three Star Queen Bed with 5 Year Warranty

This is an entry level bed which can be used as a main bedroom or a spare/guest bedroom bed. The Rest Easy Three Star Bed is ideal for temporary use and it is also perfect for growing teens. It’s a good choice for the budget conscious customer. Rest Easy Three Star Bed mattresses are firm. It has high resilient foam which supports your body and its natural contours.


Rest Easy Desert Storm Queen Bed with 7 Year Warranty

You will return to restful nights and refreshed mornings with this firm mattress. This bed is a worthy solution to provide the ideal balance of comfort and support. It’s ideal for back and stomach sleepers, who prefer a mattress that doesn’t “give” too much yet still pampers by providing cradling comfort.

This is our best-selling bed. Here quality meets affordability. Like all our beds, only the best material is used to manufacture this bed.  It is a firm bed with a soft, cushion surface. Wherever the weight of your body presses on the mattress, it fights back. The mattress here combines gentle cushioning with extra support, for more firmness at the sleep surface. 


Rest Easy Kalahari Queen Beds that come with a 10 Year Warranty

This is a wonderful bed.  The bed comes with a pillow-top mattress. Pillow top mattresses provide an additional upholstery layer at the top of the mattress, over the support system of the mattress for plush comfort. The mattress here distributes your weight evenly and eliminates uncomfortable pressure points to ensure a restful night’s sleep. This bed is perfect for customers looking for an affordable, quality mattress that cushions the body and cradles you in comfort. This bed was designed to ensure that one feels refreshed and rejuvenated upon waking.

This quality mattress offers a firm feel with proper back support. A mattress made with increased airflow for high breathability, and a cool night’s sleep. Added support of high density individually wrapped coils for an inner spring component, provides superior body conforming support with a reduction in motion transfer throughout the bed. This makes for a truly comfortable and undisturbed sleep.


Rest Easy Eurotop Queen Bed that come with a 12 Year Warranty

The Rest Easy Eurotop bed is designed to maintain its shape and consistent comfort over the life of your mattress, so that your sleep will be every bit as restful, years from now as it is today.
Our Rest Easy Eurotop mattress is made with individually wrapped coil units, designed to dampen and reduce motion transfer, covered with layers of super-soft support foam, then topped with a euro-style pillowtop containing two inches of theraplush memory foam.


Rest Easy Luxury Kalahari Queen Bed that come with a 15 Year Warranty

This is the Rolls Royce of our beds. It is absolutely the best bed that we have on offer. Where-as other traditional bed outlets charge in excess of R5000 for this level of craftsmanship and quality, we stay true to our goal of providing affordable beds without compromising on comfort. This bed has a pillow-top mattress with a smooth jacquard finish. It is a firm bed that conforms to the body as you rest, whilst at the same time, offering resistance and support.

Luxury comfort leads to luxury rest. The Rest Easy Luxury Kalahari bed is the most efficient path to a Recharging sleep. This special mattress will give you conforming back support for a cool comfortable sleep.  Added support of high density individually wrapped coils for an inner spring component, provides superior body conforming support with a reduction in motion transfer throughout the bed. In addition, quality materials such as our luxurious fabrics are used, which achieves a fashion-forward look.

Here you have chosen one of the Best Beds Guaranteed


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