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Are you looking for beds for sale in Roodepoort?  Then look no further!  Roodepoort is a beautiful, diverse and unique suburb in Johannesburg. It is a great suburb that has experienced a large increase in its population of modern residences.  These new residents comprise of a diverse mix of middle class people.  Since Roodepoort is experiencing rapid growth, we aim to provide the people of this area affordable, high quality beds

We believe that superb quality beds are essential to ensuring that every morning, you wake up feeling wonderful and ready to take on the tasks of the day.  We believe that special beds are not luxuries that are only reserved for the “big shots” of the world.  That is why we deliver comfortable quality beds a great prices

We offer Free Delivery on a diverse range of magnificent quality beds.  We have every bed size ranging from single beds to king beds and everything in between.

The following bed sizes are available:
Single – 92 cm × 188 cm
Three-quarter – 107 cm × 188 cm
Double – 137 cm × 188 cm
Queen -152 cm × 188 cm
King -183 cm × 188 cm (equals two single mattresses)

Beds are also available in extra length, which is 200 cm.

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