Quality Beds for Sale in Randburg

If your are looking for beds for sale in Randburg, then look no further.  We deliver excellent and exceptional quality beds to the residents of Randburg.  

  Randburg is in the heart of Johannesburg and is also a melting pot of diverse people of different backgrounds.  It is a place that is home to affluent and wealthy people and also more budget conscious residents.  Therefore at Bed’s & All, we offer a wide variety of beds ranging from the most deluxe and special beds to the more standard range of beds.

We offer Free Delivery in Randburg and the rest of Gauteng.  Whether you are looking for a bed for your Guest House or looking for a bed for your little ones, you will be able to find the perfect beds for sale here.

We are committed to ensuring that you look forward to sleeping comfortably every night.

 As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

The following bed sizes are available:
Single – 92 cm × 188 cm
Three-quarter – 107 cm × 188 cm
Double – 137 cm × 188 cm
Queen -152 cm × 188 cm
King -183 cm × 188 cm (equals two single mattresses)

Beds are also available in extra length, which is 200 cm.

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