Beds for Sale in Centurion

If you are looking for a bed shop in Centurion, look no further.  We have a wide variety of quality beds for you to choose from.  Centurion has achieved a lot of progress since its early days as it began as a large town in the south of Pretoria.  It is place that has a large economy in itself.  There has been a large amount of urban growth in Centurion with many businesses and residents choosing to locate here, fueled by the booming property development.

We offer Free Delivery of the finest quality beds to the people of Centurion.  Choose from great quality beds that range from standard to the most luxurious. 

We devoted to ensuring that you sleep comfortably every single night and we are committed to delivering the finest beds at very best and affordable prices.

After experiencing comfortable night sleeping on your new bed, you will agree with the wise lady who remarked, “Sleep is my lover now, my forgetting, my opiate, my oblivion.”

The following bed sizes are available:
Single – 92 cm × 188 cm
Three-quarter – 107 cm × 188 cm
Double – 137 cm × 188 cm
Queen -152 cm × 188 cm
King -183 cm × 188 cm (equals two single mattresses)

Beds are also available in extra length, which is 200 cm.

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